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Private Behavioral Training

A house without a dog is like a garden without flowers

-author unknown

Dogs are amazing companions, but sometimes life can get a little difficult when behavior issues arise. You might be dealing with separation anxiety, resource guarding, aggression or reactivity and it can make life stressful. We will be happy to assess your situation and discuss your options. All behavior training will require an intake appointment, a  follow up session and current vaccinations on record. 

All Private Training clients need to complete and submit a Canine Behavior Questionnaire.

  1.  Create your pet's profile here and fill out our contracts and releases
  2. Fill out Canine Behavior Questionnaire and Submit
  3.  A team member will respond to schedule

Click Here to view printable version of the  canine behavior questionnaire. 

Behavioral Intake & Initial Assessment 

The intake appointment is 1 hour long. This time will be used to go over the behavior intake form, observe the dog and listen to concerns. Steps will be established for beginning a behavior modification plan. A follow up  1 hour appointment will be scheduled to implement the behavior modification plan.

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Continuing Behavioral Training

This is for people who have gone through the intake process and need some continuing sessions to work on the issue(s) at hand. A behavior modification plan will be followed.

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Private Behavioral Training