Howling Peaks practices positive, science- based training. Training is about building a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. It should be fun for you and your dog. We welcome dogs of all breeds and ages. When dogs and people understand each other, the possibilities are endless!

All Private Training clients need to complete and submit a Canine Behavior Questionnaire.

  1. Create your pet's profile here
  2. Fill out Canine Behavior Questionnaire  and Submit
  3. A team member will respond to schedule

Click Here to view printable version of canine behavior questionnaire. 

Private Good Manners Training

We offer private, one on one, good manners (obedience) training. You can choose a one-time session targeting specific skills or purchase a package with an established curriculum. 

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Private Behavioral Training

Are you struggling with a problem behavior? Does your dog exhibit behavioral issues that go beyond manners training? We offer private behavioral training dealing with a variety of issues. 

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All Clients can begin by creating an account in our Gingr app. Please click the link below!